Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grandpa Green by Lane Smith

Grandpa Green by Lane Smith
Grandpa Green by Lane Smith
Illustrated by the author
Call number: JJ SMI

Who is Grandpa Green? A young boy is traveling through a garden. Words are interspersed throughout the topiaries that are telling a story of another boy who grew up to be a man and have a family. The young boy admires the topiaries, thinking about what each one is explaining. Grandpa is growing older and is losing things. Things only a young boy can find and only the garden can hold.

A beautiful story about a great-grandparent who has stories to tell. The stories are told for the boy through the topiaries as he finds Grandpa Green's  missing items. A wonderful touch to this story would be to see if the child can find the items as the boy does (although, in some pages, the boy all ready has it). Use this story to discuss memory loss or the stories our families have to tell or when you are taking a trip to a garden with topiaries.

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