Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baby Story Time - May 2 - What Was Read

Touch! Smell! See! Hear! Taste! Senses were our theme in Baby Story Time on May 2.

Baby Story Time at Blue Bell is a story time session geared specifically toward babies (ages 6 months to 23 months). We'll read stories, sing songs, chant rhymes, and play with baby! Baby Story Time is also an event for parents and caregivers to learn about early literacy skills to help prepare baby for reading as well as to help foster a love of reading.

What We Read
What We Did
  • Sang "Heads, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes" and pointed to the body part
  • Recited the bouncing rhyme "Trot, Trot, to Boston"
  • Recited rhyme where we pointed to the body parts and senses that match them.
  • Sang my favorite opening and closing songs: "If You'd Like to Hear a Story" and "The More We Read Together"
Early Literacy Tip
  • Vocabulary – Words! Words! Words! We are constantly surrounded by words from advertisements to people talking. To a baby, words are very important and they hear a lot. There are steps babies generally follow when learning how to talk and read. It is important to start building a vocabulary early, even before babbling starts. Think of your baby as a sponge and introduce new words and try to be more descriptive to help add to a baby’s vocabulary.
  • Example - Talk! Talk! Talk! Talk to your baby. Narrate the day or talk about what is going on or think out loud as you make a meal and they watch. Use “I feel,” “I hear,” as jumping off points to introduce new words and reinforce old ones. Talk in specifics in an attempt to identify things. Baby doesn’t always know that “it” means the chair or phone.

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