Thursday, November 14, 2013

Baby Story Time - November 7 - What Was Read

Baby Story Time is in full swing again and we had a lovely group to enjoy stories. As one caregiver guessed, we read about Cats & Dogs today!

Baby Story Time at Blue Bell is a story time session geared specifically toward babies (ages 6 months to 18 months). We'll read stories, sing songs, chant rhymes, and play with baby! Baby Story Time is also an event for parents and caregivers to learn about early literacy skills to help prepare baby for reading as well as to help foster a love of reading.

What Was Read

What We Did
  • Sang my favorite opening and closing songs: "If You'd Like to Hear a Story" and "The More We Read Together."  
  • Recited "Five Little Kittens" Rhyme. 
  • Recited Action Rhyme "I Have Fur." (Source)
  • Recited rhyme "Leg Over Leg" (Source)
    • "Leg over leg,
      The dog went to Dover.
      When he came to a wall,
      He jumped right over."
  • Recited the bounce rhyme "I bounce you here, there, everywhere." (Source)

Early Literacy Tip
  • Print awareness includes knowing how books are held and read. Researchers say that it is important that children know how to handle a book, and it is a step to reading. Books also show babies how important print is to convey ideas. This may seem like an abstract concept to baby, but is part of the foundation we’re building. 
  • When you read with your child, take a moment to point out words on the page, especially if you are reading a “word” book that has one word on the page. Don’t ask them to repeat it, just point to it, read it, and continue reading. If you have a book that has a repeating phrase, such as our Up Dog, you can point out "Up." This helps inform babies that books aren’t just about pictures, but they are about words and ideas.

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