Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Grab and Go" Bags

Blue Bell has their Grab and Go books
near the seating in the picture book area.
Are you short on time, but have a child who REALLY wants some books? "Grab" this bag of books and "Go" on your merry way!

Grab and Go is a small section in Blue Bell's and Ambler's Children's area where we have bags of picture books on a related theme or topic. Many of the bags are on popular topics such as trains, trucks, cars, animals, princesses, dinosaurs, princesses (wait...), and more! Be sure to look at the bags often as the books in the bags often change. You may find that the dinosaur bag holds books with stories about t-rex, or the princess bag is themed with fairy tales. You just never know!

Ambler's has their Grab and Go books
on the other side of the main entrance.

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