Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Learning a language? Want to learn a language? MANGO is the resource for you.

Mango Languages is similar to another popular language computer program, but this one is online and has mobile apps. Yes, apps that you can download to your favorite devices like the iPod or iPad. All you need to do is create a username and password, log-in and start learning. Mango is a simple-to-use interface with lessons from basic to more advanced. You can also use a feature to “talk” to the computer and it’ll rate how you did.

If you need extra language help, there is a translator available on Mango as well. Type in text, tell it which way you want to translate, and you’re done! Easy (although it may not be perfect).

Mango does work both ways: Learn from English to a language or from a language to English. There are over 32 different languages to learn and many features to try.

Hey, they have Pirate.

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