Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GEEK OUT AT YOUR LIBRARY – Must See Homework Help

It’s the middle of the night. You have a paper due tomorrow. You need one more resource to round everything out. You need one more factoid. The library is close. In fact, a lot of stuff that could help you right now is closed. What are you going to do?

Visit WVPL.ORG and check out one of FOUR resources that are open while the library is closed. Think of this as the virtual, 24 hour library because these resources, don’t care if we’re open or closed. They are open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

eReference Books: You need one more book. Take a look at our E-Ref books available on our home page. These are virtual books, based on actual books (this should count as a book resource, but it is in eBook format). Everything is searchable, save-able, and citable with nifty citation tools (always make sure it  matches what your teacher wants). We have a variety of topics available from art to history to medicine to science. Even if you don’t have a project due, or you  just got your project, this eBook collection is a must.

Philadelphia Inquirer: A full text, searchable database of the popular Philadelphia Inquirer. You can search from 1829 to 1922 in the historical archive or you can search the full text from 1981 to present. Don’t have an assignment? Take a look for your birthday and see what happened on your day of birth.

Ambler Gazette: Search our local paper’s historical archive (1894-1945) or search present issues in this database. We admit it is a little clunky to look for and you really need a good idea of what date you are looking for, but it is fun to look around at what happened in Ambler years and years and years ago.

EBSCOHost: A searchable full-text magazine database. Simply that.

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