Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ahoy mates! Talk Like a Pirate Day! ARR!

Ahoy there! Don't be worried today if someone talks like a pirate, or if someone just replies with "ARRR" or "Aye." It be a special day today: Talk Like a Pirate Day! It also be a very special Talk Like a Pirate Day today: 10 year anniversary!

Not sure where to start? Here's a few tips:
  • Make a Pirate Hat today with these instructions from
  • Learn Pirate Speak by using Mango Languages (a free resource)
  • Stop by the Children's Ship* and check the first porthole** for books for your little pirate-in-training as well as a list of Pirate Reads to take home.
Keep on reading!
-Miss Tegan

 *Er, Children's Area
**Display Circle

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