Friday, September 21, 2012

CSI Egypt - Recap

All right, so how did CSI have anything to do with Egypt?

A lot actually.

Last night (September 20), WVPL in Blue Bell hosted Dr. Steve Phillips who presented his popular talk: CSI Egypt. The talk is part of the Commonwealth Lecture Series, organized by the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Dr. Steve started out by taking everyone to Egypt (virtually) and showing them some photos as well as introducing how Egypt looks today...and in the past. Did you know that there is literally a line between the desert and trees? Dr. Steve's photos were amazing!

Enough about Egypt today. Dr. Steve then talked a little about CSI: Fact and Fiction. After introducing what the real CSI groups do, he started to tell the audience how it applies to what he does. Once again, here's where participants learned some facts. If you only have a skull, there are ways to tell the difference between a man a woman, young and old...most of the time. He then discussed the mystery surrounding King Tut. All very interesting!

What was supposed to be roughly an hour presentation turned into almost 1.5 hours! There were lots of great questions asked and from what I could tell, everyone really enjoyed his presentation. Did you learn something? Do you want him back? Tell us in the comments!

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