Thursday, February 21, 2013

Book Talk: Guinea Pig Pet Shop Private Eye: Hamster and Cheese by Colleen AF Venable

Hamster and cheese: by Colleen AF Venable.
Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye, #1
Hamster and Cheese
by Colleen AF Venable, Illustrated by Stephanie Yue
Call Number J GN VEN #1

Mr. Venezi's Pets & Stuff is facing a crisis. The koalas will be sent away if no one can figure out who keeps stealing Mr. Venezi's sandwiches. The koalas (who later learn they're actually hamsters) want to find out who it is, but they sleep all day. So enter Sasspants, the Guinea Pig, who is dubbed "Guinea PI" in a bizarre set of circumstances. She'll find an answer but mostly so her new partner, Hamisher the hamster, will leave her alone.

In this brightly colored graphic novel (a book in comic book style), readers will follow Sasspants as she rigs up tricks to find answers, quiz the forgetful goldfish, bother the birds, and saves the beauty queen chinchillas. With the wrong suspects, she'll work through the case until finally she gets an answer. Readers will be laughing and guessing throughout the story, only to be surprised at who the sandwich eater really is. Who knew a pet shop could be so much fun when the humans aren't looking?

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