Friday, February 28, 2014

Book Talk: New Book Hightlights

I love new books! I love seeing the new books that will become your new favorites. Today, I have 2 to share with you that are worth checking out!

The Hueys In It Wasn't Me
by Oliver Jeffers

The Hueys are a strange bunch. You may remember them from The Hueys In The New Sweater. Generally, they dress the same, act the same, so they all get along, but not in this story! The Hueys In It Wasn't Me are unhappy and fighting. Gillespie sees an argument (written in a vague word bubble of scribbles and other angry looking things) and asks a great question: "What are you fighting about?" It immediately goes from there as the group starts to blame each other. Gillespie brings is back to his question and offers a solution that will make everyone happy. It's a predictable story, but I caught myself laughing anyway.

Flora & Ulysses : The Illuminated Adventures
by Kate DiCamillo
Illustrated by K. G. Campbell

Flora is a cynic. She does not hope for things. Ulysses is an average squirrel, at least until he gets sucked up into a vacuum and Flora saves him. On that day, his life changes, and so does Flora's. Ulysses is a superhero! He has super squirrel strength, he can fly, he's hungry, he can write poetry, and he's hungry. Oh, and he's aware of his world now. He cares and loves. He wants to save the day and with Flora's help and guidance, they may just do that. Except Ulysses has an arch nemesis. Will he be able to write his poem? Will he ever get to have a big doughnut? The latest Newbery winner is told in prose and some comic book panels. Readers will root for Flora as much as they root for Ulysses. This is worth a look!

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