Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What We Read at Morris Arboretum on Decemeber 2

It has been busy the last few weeks! Here we are at December and the end of the year. Wow!

On December 2, I went to Morris Arboretum to share stories about winter! We had a great group and lots of fun. Want to hear stories at the Arboretum? Learn more here!

What We Read

What We Did
  • Sang my favorite opening and closing songs: "If You Want To Hear a Story..." and "The More We Read Together."
  • Recited and acted "Snow Man, Snow Man" (similar to Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear)
  • Recited a rhyme called "The Wind."
  • Sang "There's Snowflake on My Shoulder."
If you'd like the words to the rhymes or songs, please contact me here (select Youth).

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