Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baby Story Time - December 5 - What Was Read

Today, I our theme was counting! Everyone enjoyed the stories and the rhymes.

There is one more session of Baby Story Time on December 12 at 10:10 AM! Drop in to see what it is about.

Baby Story Time at Blue Bell is a story time session geared specifically toward babies (ages 6 months to 18 months). We'll read stories, sing songs, chant rhymes, and play with baby! Baby Story Time is also an event for parents and caregivers to learn about early literacy skills to help prepare baby for reading as well as to help foster a love of reading.

What Was Read

What We Did
  • Sang my favorite opening and closing songs: "If You'd Like to Hear a Story" and "The More We Read Together." 
  • Recited a rhyme that started with: "Two Little Eyes to Look Around."
  • Recited "Two Little Black Birds" (Traditional)
    • Two little blackbirds (touch shoulders or hold out fingers)
      Sitting on a hill.
      One named Jack
      One named Jill.
      Fly away Jack. (Send hand away)
      Fly away Jill. (Send hand away)
      Come back Jack. (Return hand)
      Come back Jill. (Return hand) 
  • Recited the bounce rhyme "I bounce you here, there, everywhere." (Source
Early Literacy Tip
  • In the beginning I talked about print awareness in regards to books. Today, print awareness is about recognizing symbols. Just like pointing out a word in a book, pointing out how many on a page and the number symbol can help build recognition for a baby. We’re not teaching them to learn numbers, just introducing it.
  • Talk and play help with the awareness of symbols! If you point to one and say “one” or point to a “one,” baby will see that. Counting is an opportunity to bring in all of the activities from writing in the sand, to point to a block with a number, to talking about how many of something there is.

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