Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winter Party Wrap-Up!

Merry Winter to you and yours! This is a wonderful season for snuggling in blankets with a good book, and with hot chocolate (which many of our attendees said they LOVED). There were around 30 adults and kids at our Winter Party Event! Below is a recap about what we read, what we did, and what we made (with photo!).

What We Read
(The titles will take you to the catalog to request the book.)
What We Did
  •  Sang my favorite opening and closing songs: "If You'd Like to Hear A Story" and "The More We Read Together."
  • Recited "The Five Little Snowmen."
  • Recited "I'm a Little Snowman" which is similar to "I'm a Little Teapot."
  • Sang and danced the "Snowkey Pokey."
What We Made
We had a craft too. "Name" Snowmen! This was a great activity for children to practice writing and letter knowledge (early literacy skills!). Everyone made awesome snowmen. Here's my example (That reads "Ms. T."):

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