Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baby Story Time - November 21 - What Was Read

It seems I forgot to post the November 21st Baby Story Time (as I write this in December)! Oops! Here it is now. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends alike and baby enjoyed Thanksgiving as well.

There is one more Baby Story Time on December 12 at 10:10 AM and that is when I'll announce how to sign up for future sessions.

Baby Story Time at Blue Bell is a story time session geared specifically toward babies (ages 6 months to 18 months). We'll read stories, sing songs, chant rhymes, and play with baby! Baby Story Time is also an event for parents and caregivers to learn about early literacy skills to help prepare baby for reading as well as to help foster a love of reading.

What Was Read

What We Did
  • Sang my favorite opening and closing songs: "If You'd Like to Hear a Story" and "The More We Read Together."
  • Recited a flannel rhyme "Five Little Pumpkins." (Source)
  • Recited "My Turkey" with a turkey puppet! (Source: Delaware County Library System)
  • Recited the bounce rhyme "I bounce you here, there, everywhere." (Source)
Early Literacy Tip
  • The holiday season is a great time to build vocabulary. Babies can hear a variety of words from the food on the table to family members to decorations around the house. You are their teacher for new vocabulary, words and meaning, so your gestures and facial expressions will help teach them what the word is.
  • Talk to baby! At the holidays, family members can also talk to baby, or you can take baby around and talk. Introduce family members or say “There is Uncle/Aunt!” Point to decorations, food, and elaborate and repeat. “Did you like the peas? Would you like more peas?” You, parents, caregivers, are their first teacher.

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